straight to the point, mens to shine.
sequins and metal insert. 
night and day.

richard nicoll, james long, matthew miller,
MAN, matthiew miller.

bolf but effective approach.

richard james, oliver spencer, e.tautz, christopher shannon.

the buzzword is still young. 
in the spare time, as well at work. suit-games, a bit clownish, pet animals as totem on the tees, and prints-plush. memories of childhood in the office, where a black chalk board smears a white sweater. 
the entire suit will be a must-have.

christopher raeburn,  j.w.anderson,
james long, richard nicoll

  total print

j.w. anderson, richard nicoll,
jonathan saunders,matthew miller.

 flowers and transparencies

MAN, j.w. anderson.

olimpic fever is not limited

richard nicoll, pringle of scotland, christopher reaburn.


thursday, LOOK FORWARD

phoebe philo
resort 13

hannah mc gibbon
resort 13

stella mccartney


Sorry, but today long post. Just because I'm litteraly went crazy for collections of four big names, each of which submitted them to a modern, free and urban woman for spring 2013.
But, going with order.

For Céline: I love the scarf-geometric prints - I know, again, but this a new version of luxury fabrics prints, more sober and refined -,  the overlap of lights fabrics,  the elegant and comfortable cuts, the wapons-bags, picked up without using the handles and shirts and tecnopants with unique details underlined by satured colors.
I like everything except the emaciated appearance of the models.

Hannah continues its special study of ruffles and large cuts of trousers gathered at the ankles. She mix powder tones contrasted by black, and fabulous prints inspired by the ceramics.
Absolutely divine high heels, which combines leather and wood.

Seventies comes back with Stella. She presented his collection at a retro-garden party.
She convinces me less than others. Perhaps because of this set too sophiacoppola-style, I see too many "suicidal virgins" and a exasperated melancholy. However, I'd thought about macramé cocktail-dresses and single-color suits.

And finally, two words of Givenchy.  I think he has better identified the general desire for freedom of movements, for wereable art and design and for urban life, where time rushes fast.
So, there are clothes without a function related to a specific time of day, clothes for day and night.