May be the first light snow of the season, may be the festive lights, may be the fragrance of cinnamon and ginger that starts to persist in the kitchen or  more simply the begin of the most magic waiting of the year. So...
Here is my personal winter wishlist:

1. home decoration - always - 'cause everything starts from the athmosphere.
2. a cold afternoon, holed up at home with a couple of friends, away from the crowd, spending time to knit and in confidences.
3. a detox lunch, in view of debaunchery, for a random midday in the middle of December. 
To remember us that summer it's just around the corner - after all. Pomegranate will.
4. the basics: a supercosy jumper ( and a fabulous smile) and a perfect fedora.
That if you let yourself get carried away, tweed is just great for an androgynous total look.
5. the vices:a morning with my hairdresser and my favorite it-bag wrapped under the tree.
6. a skate on the ice, hand in hand, that if I close my eyes I'm in Central Park.
7. a handful of treasures, colorful and with the taste of vintage jewelry that can only improve with time.
8. a mulled wine that burns my fingers and fills my nostrils.
9. authentic chocolate.